Discover Science in Christchurch with Councillor Michael John Tarling

Michael Tarling is part of a group of local scientists and engineers who are seeking to open a permanent hands on Science attraction in Christchurch.

By Mike Cox for Christchurch and East Dorset, Nov 08, 2019 5:11

Discover Science Christchurch Dorset

Mike with Councillor Michael John Tarling supporting the Discover Science project at a recent event

Discover Science aims to bring hands-on science and engineering discovery to the children in the local community and surrounding areas.

The old Police Station in Christchurch is an ideal location in set up this science hub to create and inspire the next generation of scientists.


Why Christchurch wants this project

You may not know this but Christchurch has a history of innovation with the Black Box flight recorder, nigh sight optics and mobile phone technology, so we value the knowledge and skills that will define our futures success.

Get involved

The Christchurch Science and Discovery Centre has a lot of support from local businesses but they want your ideas so get in touch and find out more.

Find out more and support this project

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